Universal Studios & Warner Brothers Reissued DVD Sets

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Universal Studios & Warner Brothers Reissued DVD Sets

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Recently, and I've glad that they are doing this, studios like Universal Studios and Warner Brothers have begun reissuing their TV Shows with a lower price as well as with single sided DVD's.

I noticed this trend started with ALF, then we saw such shows as Magnum P.I., Gilligans Island, CHiPs, Dukes of Hazzard, Buck Rogers and so on. But, what I have noticed is that while these studios are ditching the double-sided DVD sets and reissuing their shows as single sided DVD sets, I have also noticed that they are only releasing the first season or the first two seasons and then ending right there.

At first, I thought this might be great news that these studios would be re-releasing the rest of the series via this new format but no news has emerged and even news sites like TV Shows on DVD won't acknowledge their upcoming releases because they have a policy against reporting on these reissues.

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