65" E6 owners: what's your 3D viewing distance?

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65" E6 owners: what's your 3D viewing distance?

Mensajepor JensenBreck » Mié Dic 06, 2017 2:50 pm


As noted in other threads, my 65" E6 has an issue (or what I interpret as being an issue) with the alignment of the polarisation filter, which means you suffer from serious 3D crosstalk in the bottom corners of the screen.

The shop that I bought it from is trying to argue that this is normal for the E6, and that it should not be considered a defect because, if you move backwards until your viewing distance is 14 feet, at that range everything looks okay.

Now, to be fair, 14 feet away, with roughly four fifths of the screen above your eye-line and one fifth below, the alignment actually is okay - but I'm not impressed by the suggestion that 14 feet is a reasonable viewing distance for a 65" 4K TV, or by the idea that you should have your eyes only barely above the bottom of the screen.

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